Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Finish Work... this is the hardest part... because once you think you're done... you're not

Here are a few pics... the first reveals the motor, a 40 hp 4 stroke Honda... I ordered the tiller as I wanted maximum room in the cockpit for duck hunting.  It's a great motor - quiet, smoke-free and terrific gas mileage.

The second pic shows the stainless steel plate a friend of mine made for me.  The rubber piece on the trailer stop started to sand away at the fiberglass covered wood, ergo the plate.   Salt would dry and the rubber piece would act as sandpaper... The plate worked.  

The final pic shows the gas shelf complete.  Note the anchor fits snuggly underneath.  After 5 years of motoring I have never heard the anchor noise typical of small boats in big waves...

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Kris Washington said...

Dear Mr. Gibson,
The Mimi is an inspiration to me! I'm in the middle of building a Devlin Snow Goose myself. You do extremely nice work.

I'd feel privileged to ask you for some advice if you have a few moments to spare.

Great boat!
- Kris